New Players

Character Creation

To get started, take a look at the Player's Handbook and contact our storytellers to let them know that you are interested.

What to Expect at an Event

Most Gisido events take place at furnished campsites throughout Central and Northeastern Ohio, though some are held at more primitive venues. Unless a scheduled event is noted as taking place at a "Primitive Site," it is safe to assume that shelter and beds will be provided. In the case of an event being held at a "Primitive Site," participants should expect to bring tents and some form of bedding.

The most basic equipment to bring to a standard event would include:

A pillow
A sleeping bag or blanket
Costumes and props
Sturdy footwear
A flashlight

New players who are in need of costumes and weapons, can often borrow from other players and the Event Staff. It is also possible to find vendors selling weapons, armor, costumes, and props at an event.

Participants can arrive at an event as early as 6:00 pm. Upon arrival, players should take their weapons and armor to the designated NPC cabin. Here, the Logistics Staff will accept player and insurance fees, and issue equipment tags, character sheets, and coins. Meanwhile, an approved Arms and Armor Marshal will examine the equipment presented to them, and determine if it meets the safety standards.

After the Check-In process is complete, players are welcome to unpack their belongings and settle into their cabins.

At around 9:00 pm, all players will be gathered in the designated dining hall, or tavern. Here, participants can usually expect to find someone preparing and selling food throughout the weekend.

Once the players are gathered together, a member of the Event Staff will give an address, identifying various rules and safety officials, making note of important rules, and providing various In Game information. Once the address is finished, the players will be dismissed to prepare for the start of the event, which occurs approximately 15 minutes later.

In Game interactions will last through Sunday morning. On the final morning, efforts are focused on packing equipment and cleaning the campsite. Before leaving, participants must report to the NPC cabin to be assigned a cleaning duty. Once this task is complete, character sheets and coins may be turned in, and the Check-Out process is complete.